Wishing Well Crystals – a gift with a meaning.

a Wishing Well Crystals gift…

Offers both a product and information, put together in premium recycled/recyclable packaging – a complete gift.

I believe what is unique about a Wishing Well Crystals gift is that it offers both the purchaser and the recipient an uplifting experience – a gift that conveys a sentiment to Wish someone Well.

Wishing Wellbeing Gifts

✓Eco friendly packaging – recycled packaging that’s recyclable.

✓Sustainable gifting.

✓ Unique gifts

✓Special & thoughtful gifts

Happy Customers

Really lovely, nicely packaged, and the seller sent a little something extra. cant wait to open on Christmas day with my partner. I love the other items on this website


Lovely and smooth. Bought for a friend who is going through a hard time. Diolch for the extra gift.


I ordered a few of these for myself and a friend going through a health challenge. LOVE them and also love the packaging and handwritten note about the stones.


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