My Story…

Hiya, I’m Brogen Doyle and I’m the founder of Wishing Well Crystals.

My journey with crystals began when I was in primary school – I remember my mum giving me a Rose Quartz crystal to take into school with me. I didn’t always like going, I would always ask her if I could listen to one more Spice Girls song on the tape, before going in! So, one day she handed me a Rose Quartz crystal and said when I’m not feeling happy to hold it and it will remind me to be happy and to enjoy school.

Then, later on in life I went travelling around Australia for a year, mum gave me a Tiger’s Eye tumble stone crystal, which energy is for protection, I found such comfort having it with me.

I’d learnt from then that crystals held a sentiment, that each one has an energy and each energy has a meaning.

I wanted to create a gift with a meaning, for anyone and for any occasion. 

I believe crystals are a way of saying something without having to say or explain it. They’re a special gift.





I live in Borth – a small seaside village on the West Coast of Wales. In a cottage opposite the beach, & at low tide the petrified forest of Cantre’r Gwaelod can be seen. Over there is where I cleanse all of Wishing Well Crystal’s tumble stones & comfort stones, before sending them out to you. This prepares them ready for you to benefit from their energy.

During the week I work part tine as a hairstylist, and working with my clients daily I noticed a re-occurring problem – at Christmas time and when Birthdays etc are coming up they’re reluctant to buy any old gift, they don’t want to spend money mindlessly – Wishing Well Crystals’ gifts fitted this perfectly…a gift with a meaning – a gift that conveys a huge sentiment and a gift that lasts forever!

I hope that whether as a gift for yourself, for a friend or for a family member that a Wishing Well Crystals’ gift will bring positive energy into your life.