Mute the Zoom Gloom crystal set


Is zoom gloom leaving you feeling fatigued, unmotivated & unable to focus?

Research shows that the brain becomes overwhelmed by unfamiliar excess stimuli while being hyper – focused on searching for non – verbal cues that it can’t find during a zoom call, unlike when talking face to face in person…without delays & freezing!

This gift set is full of uplifting crystal energies to have with you on your desk during these zoom meetings – a positive reminder for you to focus on.

Handle the smooth crystals – absorb their energy, and get through another phone call…

The 3 energies will support – 




Wanting them individually? Follow these links –

Comfort Stone for Motivation – Wishing Well Crystals

Pick a Crystal – Wishing Well Crystals


Crystal set will arrive in an eco-friendly envelope with information explaining each crystals' properties and how to benefit from them.

Add a note to go with this gift set if you wish to send to a friend or loved one.

Organza bag approx. 60mm x 40mm
Crystal approx. 15mm x 20mm









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