The Adventure of Wellbeing (Children’s gift set)


Through 2020 many Wishing Well Crystal gifts were purchased and gifted to children who were dealing with Lockdown – no going to school, no mixing with friends, no visiting grandparents etc.

Challenges in life are unavoidable, this tool kit can be a start of a life long adventure of finding the right tools to get through the challenges in life’s journey by working on resilience, communication and a healthy mindset.

I was inspired to write ‘The Adventure of Wellbeing’ – a booklet for children, a tool for them to find ways to deal with the bumps and bends in the road of life and get beyond them, building the resilience muscle & making travelling through life that little bit easier, making it an adventure.

‘The Adventure of Wellbeing’ explains the importance of a positive mind-set. And the importance of communicating – starting with yourself and with the people or a person you trust.

This booklet uses crystals as a tool to understand and to talk about any worries they may have and a tool to focus on moving beyond the bumps. Using crystals to explain that each crystal has an energy and the energy has an emotional meaning, this could help identify how a child is feeling and bring up a subject of anything that may be worrying them.

One crystal is included in each gift box together with information on its energy, choose from a crystal energy for Love, Happiness, Courage, or Calmness.

Each gift set is letterbox friendly & eco-friendly and includes –

1 – a crystal and information leaflet in its own little bag.

2 – the Adventure of Wellbeing activity booklet.

3 – a note pad for doodles and drawings.

Available in Welsh too – ‘Yr Antur Llesiant’


Crystal will come in an organza bag along with an information leaflet about the crystal energy and how to benefit from it.

Due to unique and natural formation of the crystals, each one may vary slightly in colour and size

This is not a toy.

Crystal approx. 15mm x 20mm

Booklet approx. 15cm x 21cm

Letterbox friendly / Eco - Friendly box - 23.5cm x 16.5cm x 2cm

Additional information

Crystal Energy

Amethyst – Happiness, Blue Howlite – Calming, Carnelian – Courage, Rose Quartz – Love


English, Welsh


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