‘WFH’ gift set.


There’s not always time to go outside for a dose of nature – a walk outside gives you time to clear your head & de stresses you, helping you to feel more uplifted and motivated.

Crystals offer you a way of connecting with the natural elements of nature…giving you that outdoors feeling.

This Working From Home gift set was created to bring the outdoors in…

The challenge of working from home is real – there are many distractions, it’s so easy to procrastinate and lose your momentum.

This gift set will support you to get motivated, to stay uplifted and to be calm and get the work done.

Included is –

a smoothly polished Selenite bowl for the 3 crystals to be cleansed in.

The Selenite bowl naturally cleanses the energy of each crystal, so they are ready for you to reach for and handle and benefit from whenever you choose to.

Crystal energies included are –

Aventuriene – Invites prosperity & good fortune into your life.

Amethyst – will keep you uplifted & feeling positive.

White Howlite is for patience, it helps to eliminate rage & stress.

This gift set will come with an information leaflet on how to care for and benefit from your crystals.

Each Wishing Well Crystal tumble stone will arrive with you already cleansed in the sea water of Cardigan Bay, Wales. They are ready for your use until you feel they need to be cleansed in your Selenite bowl and placed on a windowsill to be re-energised by nature’s sun or moonlight.

Selenite bowl -
Size 83 × 83 × 43 mm
Weight 450 g

Comfort Stone -
approx 2inches

Tumble Stone -
15mm x 20mm


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