Each crystal has an energy, and each energy has a meaning. Crystals don’t work magic, but they are already a part of our daily lives, helping us out – there is a Clear Quartz crystal in all of our mobile phones and laptops, its energy allows for effective communication.

Crystals come from the earth and are therefore naturally grounding. Imagine the feeling you have when you’re outside – in the fresh air, with nature – having a crystal with you or around your home is like having that outdoor feeling with you, all the time. Connecting with Nature is soothing to us, on a fundamental level.

Through lockdown and now, I really enjoy wrapping each and every Wishing Well Crystals gift that gets sent out to friends and loved ones from you with a personalised messaged from you, or gifts being purchased for yourselves.

I always want the recipient to receive an experience, even if it is a gift for yourself from yourself! We all deserve to feel special.

And that is where the Mindfulness Advent Calendar comes in, a unique and special advent calendar that allows you to unwrap 25 full size, beautifully wrapped gifts to be opened every day throughout December.

Unwrap a tumble stone, a necklace, a bracelet and much more. Crystal energy to support a positive mindset, helping you to focus on your intentions for the coming year.

Each gift is accompanied by an information leaflet explaining the properties and benefits of each crystal, giving you an experience every day.

The Mindfulness Advent Calendar is a forever gift – crystals that can last a lifetime, packaged in a, eco-friendly box that can be unwrapped and enjoyed this year and used for years to come.

Crystals to begin your collection

Crystals to add to your collection

Or crystals to pay forward to someone you feel could benefit from some positive crystal energy.

Why is it called The Mindfulness Advent Calendar…?

Because crystals allow you to focus your mind on something positive. It’s good to find ways of how to deal with the bumps in the road that appear through life– and to acknowledge that these things happen but they do pass. Crystals support you to find a solution – that could be just changing the way you view a situation, not necessary acting on changing the situation, just changing how you view it to get through it.

Also gifted to you in this advent calendar is ‘the Mindfulness Booklet’ with a selection of positive affirmations and quotes, and space for you to start your list of intentions for the coming New Year. Approach 2021 with a positive mindset.