Why Crystals?

Each crystal has an energy – each energy has a meaning – Wishing Well Crystals is a gift with a meaning.

It’s a fact that all crystals have an energy, for example, did you know that a Clear Quartz crystal helps power our mobile phones and laptops…


Crystals come from the earth and having an element of the earth can have a positive and calming effect on your wellbeing – helping to ground and balance you during everyday life stresses.


To benefit from crystal energy, handle or have your crystals with you. Focus on its energy, set intentions and let it be a reminder  and a support of the outcome or feeling you want to achieve.

Crystals serve a different purpose for different people and you don’t have to believe in them – through a Wishing Well Gift it’s the sentiment conveyed that is important.

Why the name ‘Wishing Well?’

All of our gifts are to Wish yourself or someone Well, for anyone and any occasion – birthdays, wedding favours/gifts, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day a gift for yourself or a gift just because….