Where do crystals come from?

Crystals start their life deep down beneath the earth’s surface. Tectonic plates crash together causing fractures, this encourages molten rock to rise to the surface. The crystals absorb air, water, fire and earth on their journey- this dictates what colour the crystals are and what energy they have. The minerals cool & crystalize as they solidify, creating crystals.

Crystals come from the earth…

Having an element from the earth can help produce a positive and calming effect on you – helping to ground and balance you during everyday life stresses. By handling crystals or having their positive energies near by can have a beneficial effect on your wellbeing.

1 – Crystals are of the Earth.

2 – The sea / natural water is a good way to cleanse your crystals.

3 – The Sun / Moon is a good way to re – energise your crystals.